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Coach/Consultant for Values and Motives to enable Digital Transformation with a focus on Relevant Details; Support for Leaders - Smart, Humble and Hungry Team Player: Analytics, Execution, Accuracy, Attention to details, Reliability

I've deep dived into personality analysis concepts some time ago. Please find below interesting findings from this project:

Combination Spiral Dynamics 9 Levels of Value Systems with Reiss Motivation Profile: understanding these 25 topics enables us to understand the complexity of human beings far beyond the 80 % but in a simple way – DEI is not just about a specific group of people, DEI is also about YOUR uniqueness. We need this Combination Concept for the Digital Transformation where human beings and machines cooperate friendly.

Of course you get a lot of added value when you buy such personality analysis pdfs and coaching/consulting hours from these specialists, but even more (respectively ONLY) important is LEARNING about these 25 topics (9 Value Levels + the 16 Motives from the Reiss Motivation Profile) – which is actually everything available for free in the internet, the only thing required to invest here is YOUR PRECIOUS TIME !!! 🙂 …or are you lazy for that what really counts in life?

Take over some manual work on an Excel file or in your ERP system, e.g. SAP
Go through a PowerPoint presentation, Word document or website and report typing errors / provide improvement suggestions
Get my support for the execution of your strategy

I’m available for jobs/projects in the following areas: Finance + Supply Chain + Digital Transformation + Transformation of organization culture, values, mindset alignment (Employee Experience). I’m efficient when there is a tight deadline, and focused on relevant details when required. Regarding my special health conditions – which can be seen as a different viewpoint for my strengths – there is a documentary:, the 77 seconds between 3:22 and 4:38 – please let me know if you would like to see the full documentary SIMPLY DIFFERENT („GLEICH UND ANDERS“) where 9 minutes are about me.

I’ve worked for the large pharmaceutical company MSD (the US pharmaceutical company Merck) in the Supply Chain Inventory Compliance department from July 2012 to November 2021 in a position between Finance and Supply Chain where I’ve learned a lot about data management and increased my software skills. From 1998 to 2011 I’ve worked for Treuhand and Trust companies, and graduated as „Treuhänder mit eidg. Fachausweis“ (Diploma in Finance and Accounting + I’ve learned there how to deal with authorities in Switzerland) in 2007. Furthermore I’ve attended a lot of courses, e.g. regarding Excel VBA, Power BI, and from Greator Business + LinkedIn Learning.

Personality Analyses
Reiss Motivation Profile® / 9 Levels of Value Systems® / SCILprofile®
Process description
Step by step that everything is clear, also for the backup
Documentary movie SIMPLY DIFFERENT
(with reference, see 03:22)

Your Project / Work / Team / Plans / Ideas - Which Relevant Details need to be Improved that you will be More Successful?

COMBINATION Concept 9 Levels Reiss. Values and Motives.

PMsmn merchandise:

Bei #SpiralDynamics9LevelsOfValueSystems haben die Wertestufen 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 einen Me-Fokus, die Wertestufen 2, 4, 6, 8 einen We-Fokus. Man wechselt vom Me ins We, und dann wieder zurück zum Me…

1 – 6 ist der 1st Tier.
7 – 9 bezeichnet man als 2nd Tier.

Ab Stufe 7 sind alle unteren Levels integriert.